“The caring and committed staff at Independence Network has helped increase my son’s confidence and social skills during the time he has been a student there. They work with him on campus, in the classroom and out and about in the community. He is a much more social and self assured person as a result.”

Peggy Quental about Joshua, who is blind

“Sharin is one of many Independence Network students who have benefited greatly from our Program. She has become more independent and currently works in our recycling program. Thanks to the support of FINS, Sharin and the Independence Network Program are thriving.”

Kathy Martarano, Director of Adult Education


“Being introduced daily to a variety of activities at Independence Network has helped Bryan open up to trying new things, like riding our ATV! Honestly, we were both blown away when he asked to ride what he calls the “motorcycle”. His giddy laughter while riding it was priceless.”

Kerry and Claudia Mellor

“Students participating in the vocational element of our program experience a sense of pride and empowerment. Not only are they gaining valuable job skills, but they are enhancing their self-confidence and feelings of self-worth, knowing they are participating in meaningful work.”

James Ferris, Independence Network Teacher

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