Teacher’s Appreciation Brunch

The FINS Board and parents hosted a Teacher Appreciation Brunch in the cooking classroom before class on Friday the 14th of February. Items offered were Starbuck’s coffee, orange juice, muffins, 3 different egg dishes, fresh fruit and various valentine candies. As it was Valentine’s Day, the motif was hearts and balloons.
It was wonderful to hear the teachers, aides, and administrators relate stories of our students and the upcoming events.
Currently the students are working together to create a Talent Show. They are practicing group songs and individual talents for the program. Most of them are quite excited, and this program is always one of the most fun of the year.
Our Program is really blessed to have the teachers, aides, and administrators (Brenda, Carrie, and Daya) who love our students so much and give their all to help them prosper in this world. We owe them all our gratitude and respect for their hard work.

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