Amazon Smile

We are seeing our first deposits in the bank of funds from people using Amazon Smile to place their Amazon orders and designating funds to Friends of Independence Network. If you are not already signed up, please sign up at Amazon Smile and designate Friends of... read more

Order from Amazon and support FINS

The Holidays are coming! Why not do your online shopping and help FINS at the same time? If you enroll for Amazom Smile ( then you can order through Amazon and Amazon will send a portion of the sale monies to FINS! Just enroll and be sure to... read more

Thanks to over 100 generous donors, FINS received over $15,000 during the SVGIVES 24 hour donation program. FINS also received $5000 for being in top 4 in received donations out of 150 non-profits that assist the disabled population. read more

Teachers Salaries

The Teachers at IN are being consideered for a long overdue raise. While this is needed for them to continue to make the monies necessary to live in this area, it puts new strains on the budgeted money from the state to run IN. FINS and Program Administrators are... read more

FINS Events

First 2017 fundraiser

FINS is having their first fundraiser of 2017. Bring all your soft goods (clothing, shoes, bedding and towels), hard goods (electrical items, toys and game, kitchen items), and books/cds/dvds to room Q12 during week of April 17th Monday to Friday from 9-3 and Saturday... read more

2016 IN Awards Ceremony

The 3 classes gave out their awards to each student and also teacher and aides awards. FINS provided Salad and Pizza and water. FINS also gave a $1000 check to the program to cover the cost of the various functions for school year... read more

SV Gives Opportunity

On May 3rd for 24 hours FINS will be eligible for donations on SVGIVES.ORG. There is a possibility of matching funds being avaialbale from several entities and also random extra bonus amounts throughout the day. Om April 15th the timimg of special prize funding will... read more

Independence Network News

IN 2017

IN had their December 2 week break for the staff to get refreshed and spend some family time. Everyone is back now and things seem to be going smoothly. Danny from Yvonne’s class is leaving for new adventures. He will be missed! Weight training days have been... read more

The Farm! An area set aside for the students to grow vegetables and raise chickens for their eggs. Most students have assigned days and chores to keep the plants growing and harvested and to collect eggs. This is a very rewarding experience to grow vegetables from... read more

Independence Network Events

On Nov.21st, all 3 IN classes and staff were treated to a full Thanksgiving lunch sponsored by Raj and Daljit Chahal. Everyone had a great time with their friends and and are very thankful for the people that surround them and respect their worth and unique... read more
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