First 2017 fundraiser

FINS is having their first fundraiser of 2017.
Bring all your soft goods (clothing, shoes, bedding and towels), hard goods (electrical items, toys and game, kitchen items), and books/cds/dvds to room Q12 during week of April 17th
Monday to Friday from 9-3 and Saturday from 9-1.
All soft goods must be in trash bags (closed shut) and hard goods and books in boxes. There will be no sorting of items. We will take the sacks and boxes to Savers who will give us 20 cents a pound for soft goods and 10 cents a pound for hard goods and 2 cents a pound for books and CDs. We have a goal to get $2000 from this fundraiser.
We will possibly do this again in Fall if all goes well this time.
Here is the link to the flyer.

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