2018-2019 Awards Ceremony

July 5, 2019 was the Annual Awards and Pizza celebration of another year for the 2018-2019 school year.
Each class presented awards to every student and aide in the 3 classes. The awards were appropriate to the advances that each student made in the last 12 months. Several students were missing because of the holidays, but they will get their awards next week. Brian Darby was not there due to medical issues, but we could still feel he was there through the outstanding achievements his class attained!
Get well soon Brian!
FINS also presented a check for $30,000 from the annual fundraiser to Brenda and Carrie to help fund IN for the next year. Again, mention was made of the fantastic support that parents, caregivers, and friends gave to the fundraiser. Independence Network is the best school and support our dependents could possibly get in our society.
Seeing the student’s pride and love for heach other, easily justifies all the hard work and expenses of supporting our students and teachers and aides.

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